The Journey to an All-Time World Record with Bill Gillespie – The Barbell Life 382

In this episode of The Barbell Life Podcast brought to you by our friends at Dynamic Fitness and Strength, we talk to legendary strength coach and powerlifter, Coach Bill Gillespie. He recently set the all-time bench press record hoisting 512.5kg/1130lb to lockout and more impressively at age 62. If you want to know what goes into breaking a world record along with the lessons learned, you want to check out this episode.

Also in this episode:

  • Early Russian Scientists helped his bench take off. Find out what he learned from Alexey Medvedev and many others
  • Find out the difference between Strength Training to developing strength and Strength Training to exhibit strength
  • What it takes to overcome major adversity while training for a world record
  • Dynamic Effort versus Max Effort and dosages
  • Ways to avoid cramping during weight cuts and stressful situations
  • How did Pullups lead the way after meeting Ed Coan and Anthony Clark
  • Rear delt machine for overcoming bone spurs
  • The importance of Leg drive for position and stability
  • Biomechanics of the Bench Press
  • His routine for breaking an all-time record at 62-years-old
  • How he tends to use this performance to help and inspire others
  • Will Coach Mash write his book?
  • And more!


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