10/8/13 Training, New Video & a Few Powerlifting Tips!


Snatch 75%/1 x 3
Clean 75%/1 x 3
Jerks from Box max 1
Bench Press 2RM & -10% for max reps

Met Con
3 Rounds for Time:
10 HR Pushups
15 KB Swings 50/35lbs
400m Sprint

Here are a few of my notes from the Level II Camp on the Squat, Bench, & Deadlift:

1. Squat
-Use of Belt: Push out against, recruits more fibers, & saves CNS
-Teach with Box
-Cues: butt back, spread floor/knees out, chest up, & eyes out and slightly up
-Press your back against the bar to ascend
-Variations: chains&bands, paused, 1/4, pin, front, bottoms, all things conjugate
-Keys to get strong: strong posterior chain, strong supportive musculature, squat heavy often but manipulate the way you go heavy(paused, chains, plate releasers, bands, etc), manipulate volume, maintaining stability in bottom, speed out of bottom, Practice

2. Bench
-grip (forearm should be vertical while bar is on chest)
-Bar Path should be back & up
-Leg Drive
-Tricks: squeeze bar, bend bar, hold breath
-Variations: boards, floor, pause, 1/4, chains&bands, all things conjugate
-Ways that I benched 550lbs Raw: increase the volume of my tricep training, boards contrasted to chest, extreme band training but I didn’t use bands for light weight speed work, practiced pause all the time

3. Deadlift
-Conventional v. Sumo
-over under v. hook(Hook is a big advantage if possible. Hook will also help avoid bicep tears.)
-Neutral spine
-Push through heals
-Shoulders behind bar
-Lockout: relaxed upper body while pushing hips through.
-Chains, bands, box, all things conjugate
-The way I deadlifted 804lbs: posterior chain work, RDLs elevated with Bands, DL off Box

There was much more than this, but this should give you all some insight. I am still psyched and thankful to be a part of something so special as the Attitude Nation Level II Camp!

Here is the October 4th Max Out Friday Video including: MashMafia Powerlifting & Weightlifting and Smashed Crossfit!

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