10/7/13 Training! The Taper Continues & Some Advice From the Level II


Snatch HS, 80/2
Clean & Jerk HS
Squat 90/1
Pullups 3 sets of 10 ss GHRs/8×3 (skip if Crossfit)

Met Con
3 Rounds for Time:

25lb Plate Above Head Lunges/20
25 Double Unders

Great weekend ate the Level II Camp! Jon and Jessica North, Ryan Grady, the MashMafia Weightlifters, the ANW Weightlifters, and I dropped years of knowledge on these campers. Here are some of the things that I learned from Jon and Jessica:

1. Up is back! This is in reference to the bar path during the pull and the shift of weight on to one’s heals.

2. Catch the bar behind the head during the Snatch resting on the upper back and traps.

3. Strategy is key when it comes to picking attempts at a meet. Also knowing when to take each warm up is Gold.

4. On the jerk dip keep the butt slightly behind the bar with the knees in front.

5. Catch the first bounce on the Clean to get out of the catch phase. Jon calls the bottom of a Clean, “Hotel California”!

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