Kevin Hughes Story!

Below is the story of 21 year old Kevin Hughes! He is an Attitude Nation Online Team Member. I am so honored to be the coach of these awesome warriors.

Kevin Hughes:

Weightlifting a gateway away from reailty , putting your anger / frustration / sadness into that lift….the anger I caused from being an alcoholic the wasted nights being intoxicated while fighting . The frustration of not trying harder in school to become someone…. The sadness of jodi the women who took care of me died from that bitch …cancer. The more I load that bar…knowing that this could be hard.. or this could be to heavy ..I grab that fucking bar and with every ounce of energy I promise myself that I will not let this bar of burdens fall off and crumble. ..I will stay in control of it knowing that , they arent going anywhere until I slam them into the f#*king ground back to hell. My name is Kevin Hughes , 21 years old and this is my weightlifting story.


  1. Scott O'Donnell says

    I can totally relate. I spent 15 years of my life struggling with addiction. I am 33 with almost 4 years clean. I still struggle everyday to channel those intrusive thoughts. I love your attitude and this is how I want to lift. I hate my fucking demons. I love taking out my anger and frustration out on the barbell, but on the flipside I’ve developed a great relationship with it as well. I love that fucking barbell, but I also love to fuck that barbell up. It becomes my god, taking everything I can dish out and letting me be exactly who I am. It doesn’t get angry and its always there waiting for the next time I want to fuck shit up

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